Seasonal Closet Clean-out: Manageable Tips to Purge

The leaves are changing, temperatures are cooling off and your wardrobe is shifting from shorts and tees to jeans and pullovers. It’s a great opportunity to give your closet a quick clean-out by purging unused items from the summer. Clear out space now to make room for fall and winter seasonal items. Next summer will thank you!

Read more for strategies to sort through your summer wardrobe & how to purge all year long.

3 Steps to Get Organized for a Move

You are moving! It’s an exciting time filled with anticipation for your next adventure. At the same time, preparing for the move can feel mind-boggling. I have three steps ready to make this transition a smooth one for you! Following these suggestions will give packing structure and lead to more pleasant un-packing in your new place.

Strategies to Simplify Childhood Keepsakes

We can all agree that getting rid of childhood keepsakes can be difficult. You may feel obligated to keep something because of your memories associated with it. Perhaps it was something really important to you at one point in your life. Or maybe it was a gift and you feel guilty giving it away.

I’ve noted some questions to consider as you tackle your box (or boxes!) of childhood items. These questions can help you keep the best of the best items and be prepared to declutter the rest.


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